A False War is a military-centric campaign, wherein the party is recruited by the Mandalorians. In this period Mandalore the Ultimate has united many disparate Mandalorian clans, passed reforms intended to unite the Mandalorians as a people and redefined the meaning of “Mandalorian” to mean a way of life rather than the original Mandalorian race: the Taung. During this period Mandalore the Ultimate introduces a new mindset to Mando military planning, using subtlety and stratagems far beyond those of his predecessors. This campaign begins in 3,966 BBY, and it is still years before the Mandalorians will attempt to invade Republic space. Instead, the Mando forces build their war machine and sharpen their skills on the independent planets of the Outer Rim.

It is more thirty years after the Mandalorians had aligned themselves with the Sith, nearly leading to their ruin. The Sith Empire as a power is gone, but far from forgotten. The Sith still exists in teachings and cults throughout the universe still tempting Jedi with the easy path.

Although the Republic refuses to mire itself in another galactic war, and the Jedi Council has also chosen to remain out of the conflict, some of the more idealistic Jedi Knights choose to travel to the Outer Rim in an attempt to stem the Mandalorian tide. The Knights in this region will almost certainly be found leading independent forces against the Mandos, or on missions of mercy, attempting to ease the suffering of the Rim’s peoples.

The party is swept up into the recruitment drive underway during this time. Some in search of adventure, others for a sense of belonging, and a few for their own hidden agendas.

House Rules and Rulings

A False War

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