A False War

Droidus Interruptus
Transmission Intercept

After a brief day of rest and bacta for Echo Squad, Colonel Ordos burst into their barracks in the early hours, waking them with word of an urgent mission.

“We’ve intercepted a Tarnith military transmission. The fortress to our west is about to receive a supply shipment. They’ve tagged it ‘urgent’ and will be moving them in a few hours. We need you to get to a choke point first, and stop them. We don’t have a War Forge on Tarnith yet, so you’ll have to use what vehicles we’ve captured in the area.”

The Colonel was able to furnish Echo with a civilian landspeeder, converted into a technical with the addition of the Laser Cannon retrieved from their last mission, and a pair of Lhosan Industries swoop bikes. After giving Echo two hours for preparation and modification of the vehicles, the squad was able to successfully field modify the speeder and one of the bikes to toughen them a bit, hopefully improving their survivability.

Mission Briefing

“We don’t know what sort of supplies are in this shipment, but if they want them badly, then we want to stop them. Your primary objective is to prevent the arrival of that convoy to Fortaleza Outpost. If possible, intercept and return the supplies to here. The Mandalorian forces on this planet can use them, I’m sure. If all else fails, delay their arrival to their destination for as long as possible.”

Echo Squad was issued a small number of anti-vehicle mines, as well as several anti-personnel mines. The squad requested climbing/rappelling gear, but there was none immediately available, and they made the decision to not wait.


En route, Echo decided they would find a large animal local to the area and deposit it at the choke point, hoping to stop the convoy long enough to ambush it. Using Kodai’s tracking abilities and Nnargh’s nose, they hunted a local variety of moose. Upon locating their target, they found that another hunter had already struck first. The creature had been tackled and torn open by a Nexu, a cat-like creature not native to Tarnith. Not waiting, Nnargh immediately charged in, attacking the Nexu. Deftly avoiding its claws and gnashing teeth, Nnargh easily brings down the beast with a pair of blows to its shoulders. The squad secured their prize to the speeder and continued to make their way to the target location.

With a global positioning net, it is a challenge to navigate the canyons and rough terrain of this area of Tarnith, but Kodai had no problems leading the squad speedily to their destination. With plenty of time to spare, Echo begins setting charges in the canyon and placing mines.

The Main Event

The ambush point identified by Colonel Ordos is a long, narrow canyon, just wide enough for the transport vehicles to make their way through. Kodai and HK-42 took up places along the ridge of this canyon to ensure they have a clear view of the oncoming convoy. Roland and Nnargh both took positions at the far end of the canyon floor, granting them easy access to the vehicles upon their arrival.

With a loud rumbling warning of its approach, the supply convoy became visible. The convoy was a trio of half-track vehicles. Long, flat-bed trailers surrounded a deuce-and-a-half style transport. The trucks slowed and then stopped to avoid running over the Nexu corpse. After a moment of suspense without any motion, the trucks began backing up. Shri-Lan immediately called for the explosives set in the rear of the canyon to be detonated. They went off, strewing rock and dust across the canyon path, blocking all but enough space for a single person to squeeze through.

Echo opened up on the transports, attempting to kill the guards that were visible from their vantage points high on the canyon walls. Immediately, there was panic within the vehicles. Shots were fired nearly at random upward at Echo, missing by wide margins. The covers over the transports withdrew, exposing that the flat-bed trailers were transporting battle droids. The center transport was housing jump troopers. The droids flooded off of the trailers in squads of three as the jump troopers made for the high canyon walls, attempting to engage Echo in melee.

During this, a trooper climbed out of the center transport and shouting orders at the others, making it obvious that he was an officer. Shri-Lan aimed and fired brilliantly, drilling the officer through the head and dropping him with a single shot. This drew the attention of the jump troopers and they engaged him relentlessly, knocking him off his feet.

Meanwhile, Nnargh and Roland engaged the battle droids and remaining troopers on the ground making good use of the anti-personnel mines they had planted. As they exchanged fire, Echo quickly gained the upper hand in the canyon. While Kodai and Ruus thinned the jump troopers, HK-42 allowed himself to be engaged, but continued to deftly avoid the troopers’ swings. Kohr likewise fired on the troopers as he moved to try and help manage Shri-Lan’s wounds.

During this, Nnargh had breached the cabin of the center transport, ripping the door and driver from the half-track, killing him. He then quickly threw the vehicle into reverse and backed up at full speed in an attempt to smash the troopers of the third half-track. Although he missed, Nnargh was able to drive the vehicle forward, pinning the final exposed trooper against the canyon wall and smearing him along it.

Nnargh then quickly proceeded to the bed of the first half-track, attempting to reach through the window for the driver. With a shriek of fear at the grasping Wookiee arms the driver of the first half-track floored it, trying to make a break through the canyon in hopes of surviving. Seeing that the vehicle was headed directly for the mines they had placed previously, Nnargh ran backward off the flatbed, managing to stay in the same location in space, barely keeping up with the speed of the speeding half-track. As Nnargh dove to safety the truck hit the first of the anti-vehicle mines, severely damaging it. This prevented the driver from stopping, forcing him to drive over the remainder of the mines, rendering the half-track completely inoperable.

The members of Echo high on the canyon walls killed the last few jump troopers as Roland and Nnargh mopped up the final droids on the canyon floor. In just a couple minutes Echo had eliminated their target. Though they had failed to capture the cargo, Echo had learned what it was and prevented it from reaching enemy hands. As a final measure, Echo planted explosives on the remaining vehicles and disabled them. They piled into their speeders and made their way home.

During the trip back, the squad was spotted and pursued by a pair of Tarnith scouts on military speeder bikes. Having detected transmissions from the speeder bikes, Roland opened fire on the lead speeder, but by doing so endangered members of his own squad with area-fire, including HK. Kohr, in retribution, fired a warning shot between Roland’s legs, hitting the speeder. The remainder of the squad was able to calm the pair long enough to get home without further event.

After arriving at forward HQ, they were debriefed by Colonel Ordos. He was pleased to learn of their success, and promised them some R&R.


“What the hell was going through your heads, you lousy grunts?!” The Colonel was pissed. “The Special Operations Battalion is an experiment. And so help me God, if either of you cost us this opportunity, I will kill you with my bare hands!” After having learned of the intra-squad argument having lead to friendly fire, Colonel Ordos rebuked Echo Squad for their behavior.

“And you!” The Colonel rounded on Kohr. “You should have known better. If you’re going to fight, have the intelligence to do it after you’re home, and with your fists.” After calming a bit, the Colonel informed Echo how they’d be spending their previously promised time off the front lines.

“I’m assigning the lot of you to Mountaineer training off world. When you’re back, we’ll put it to use. Don’t screw up again.”

  • Ascension Specialists (Team Feat located in Galaxy at War, page 28). Ignore the prerequisite of Climb being trained.
  • Two paydays of 2,000 credits each. This does not apply to HK-42.
  • Kohr and Roland each lose 1 org score
  • 2,000 XP
Artillery Battery Removal
Echo's First Official Assignment

The party received word that they had been officially designated Echo Squad, part of the 3rd Company, 1st Special Operations Battalion. With their official designation comes issuing of several pieces of specialized equipment.

Prior to their briefing, the party is introduced to Delta squad, another 6-man special operations squad. They are also introduced to the tradition of Vode An, a Mandalorian battle chant.


In their briefing, Colonel Ordos tells the party that they will need to perform a coordinated strike on an artillery battery that has been erected within range of the current forward HQ. They are given what details are available on the site and told to radio back when they are staged and prepared. Once the signal is given, both Echo and Delta will strike their respective targets. The pair of howitzers are to be destroyed, and then Echo is to extract.

Artillery Battery

The team took cover in the craters in the field next to the artillery battery. From there, they fought their way forward, eliminating enemies one at a time. Roland rushed forward, cutting the razorwire between the party and the enemy. As he approached the first bunker, he was met by a Vibro-axe wielding soldier which attempting to engage him in melee. During this, Kohr moved forward down the middle of the field, taking a severe hit from a blaster cannon overlooking the howitzers. The remainder of the party continued with fire support as Roland clambered over the sandbag barrier, entering the bunker. He was greeted immediately by fire from a sniper located in a slit trench to the rear of the bunker. Once the sniper was eliminated, Roland destroyed the first artillery piece.

HK-42 then rushed to the razorwire directly in front of the second artillery piece, cutting it open to allow the party through. As HK-42 climbed into the now-empty second bunker, he too was fired upon from a concealed position to the rear of the bunker. HK was able to destroy the second artillery piece. With the second sniper eliminated, all opposition had been removed from the field. As Kohr treated Roland’s injuries, Ruus picked up the now-unmanned blaster cannon, carrying it with him back to the evac ship.

As the party reached the tree-line and its protective concealment, a wave of reinforcements arrived, but fired ineffectively into the trees after their targets.

During Evac

During their return trip home, the party receives a communication from Colonel Ordos. HQ has lost contact with Delta Squad, reason unknown. He gives the party Delta’s last-known coordinates and directs them to locate and rescue any surviving members of the squad.


En route to Delta’s position, Shri-Lan notices an artificial clearing that he believes to be a potential SAM site. Shri-Lan directs the pilot to fly as low as possible toward the site, hoping to use the tactic to avoid the SAM’s notice. The approach is effective, and the ship is too close to fire upon safely by the time they are noticed. From the air, the party assaults the soldiers in foxholes below before destroying the SAM site.

With the SAM site safely disabled, the party then flies to Delta’s last position, locating the ship by a plume of smoke. They set down next to the downed vessel and begin extraction, with Kohr identifying live comrades as Kodai and Shri-Lan drag survivors to Echo’s ship. HK-42, Ruus and Roland cover the southern side of the ship from oncoming attackers as survivors are transferred one at a time onto the ship. While dragging the final survivor, Shri-Lan is hit with a burst of fire, nearly killing him. Kodai is able to reach Shri-Lan and the survivor, dragging both on to the evac boat. As the party flies away to safety, the few remaining enemy troopers fire impotently into the air at the rapidly disengaging ship.


Echo has done well, but have taken injuries. They will receive time to recover before being sent on their next mission.

  • Role-specific armor
  • 1,250 XP for each character
First Mission

Each member of the party has been recruited into a Special Operations section of the Mandalorian military. After their initial brief, they received their first assignment. Colonel Ordos informed the party that they would assault an anti-air emplacement, disable the weapon and then call for extraction.

The party began by firing upon the guard tower overlooking a gate at the southeast corner of the target facility, thereby triggering an alarm. Once the enemy’s attention had been drawn, Nar and Roland made a dash for the perimeter walls, followed shortly by HK-42. Nar scaled the wall, assaulting the guard immediately on the other side as HK-42 attempted to slice the door controls. Once open, Roland stormed inside, spewing flame through the entryway.

As Ruus suppressed the machine gun nest, the assaulting group wreaked havoc behind the walls. Meanwhile, Kodai and Sri-Lan eliminated defenders in the gun nest and surrounding walls. As the party dispatched the final guards, HK-42 placed the explosive charge on the emplacement and detonated. As the party attempted to move to evacuate, a squad of enemy reinforcements arrived. One of these was able to disable Nar, taking him down near the southeast gunnery tower.

Sri-Lan selflessly rushed into the facility as Ruus summoned the evacuation boat, calling for retrieval. After taking out another guard, Sri-Lan resuscitated Nar, helping him out to the medevac. Shortly thereafter, Kodai was badly wounded, still at his position on the ridge east of the target. As Kodai was injured, the medevac ship landed, eliminating the last few enemy soldiers from the field.

Sri-Lan rushed next to Kodai’s position. Unable to treat Kodai’s injuries on the field, Sri-Lan dragged his unconscious body to the boat, loading him aboard. With a parting shot from HK-42, the vessel took off, carrying the party to safety.

  • Each character was awarded 900 XP.
  • Sri-Lan was awarded +2 to Organization Score for his efforts in attempting to heal his comrades.

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