A False War

Artillery Battery Removal

Echo's First Official Assignment

The party received word that they had been officially designated Echo Squad, part of the 3rd Company, 1st Special Operations Battalion. With their official designation comes issuing of several pieces of specialized equipment.

Prior to their briefing, the party is introduced to Delta squad, another 6-man special operations squad. They are also introduced to the tradition of Vode An, a Mandalorian battle chant.


In their briefing, Colonel Ordos tells the party that they will need to perform a coordinated strike on an artillery battery that has been erected within range of the current forward HQ. They are given what details are available on the site and told to radio back when they are staged and prepared. Once the signal is given, both Echo and Delta will strike their respective targets. The pair of howitzers are to be destroyed, and then Echo is to extract.

Artillery Battery

The team took cover in the craters in the field next to the artillery battery. From there, they fought their way forward, eliminating enemies one at a time. Roland rushed forward, cutting the razorwire between the party and the enemy. As he approached the first bunker, he was met by a Vibro-axe wielding soldier which attempting to engage him in melee. During this, Kohr moved forward down the middle of the field, taking a severe hit from a blaster cannon overlooking the howitzers. The remainder of the party continued with fire support as Roland clambered over the sandbag barrier, entering the bunker. He was greeted immediately by fire from a sniper located in a slit trench to the rear of the bunker. Once the sniper was eliminated, Roland destroyed the first artillery piece.

HK-42 then rushed to the razorwire directly in front of the second artillery piece, cutting it open to allow the party through. As HK-42 climbed into the now-empty second bunker, he too was fired upon from a concealed position to the rear of the bunker. HK was able to destroy the second artillery piece. With the second sniper eliminated, all opposition had been removed from the field. As Kohr treated Roland’s injuries, Ruus picked up the now-unmanned blaster cannon, carrying it with him back to the evac ship.

As the party reached the tree-line and its protective concealment, a wave of reinforcements arrived, but fired ineffectively into the trees after their targets.

During Evac

During their return trip home, the party receives a communication from Colonel Ordos. HQ has lost contact with Delta Squad, reason unknown. He gives the party Delta’s last-known coordinates and directs them to locate and rescue any surviving members of the squad.


En route to Delta’s position, Shri-Lan notices an artificial clearing that he believes to be a potential SAM site. Shri-Lan directs the pilot to fly as low as possible toward the site, hoping to use the tactic to avoid the SAM’s notice. The approach is effective, and the ship is too close to fire upon safely by the time they are noticed. From the air, the party assaults the soldiers in foxholes below before destroying the SAM site.

With the SAM site safely disabled, the party then flies to Delta’s last position, locating the ship by a plume of smoke. They set down next to the downed vessel and begin extraction, with Kohr identifying live comrades as Kodai and Shri-Lan drag survivors to Echo’s ship. HK-42, Ruus and Roland cover the southern side of the ship from oncoming attackers as survivors are transferred one at a time onto the ship. While dragging the final survivor, Shri-Lan is hit with a burst of fire, nearly killing him. Kodai is able to reach Shri-Lan and the survivor, dragging both on to the evac boat. As the party flies away to safety, the few remaining enemy troopers fire impotently into the air at the rapidly disengaging ship.


Echo has done well, but have taken injuries. They will receive time to recover before being sent on their next mission.

  • Role-specific armor
  • 1,250 XP for each character



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