A False War

First Mission

Each member of the party has been recruited into a Special Operations section of the Mandalorian military. After their initial brief, they received their first assignment. Colonel Ordos informed the party that they would assault an anti-air emplacement, disable the weapon and then call for extraction.

The party began by firing upon the guard tower overlooking a gate at the southeast corner of the target facility, thereby triggering an alarm. Once the enemy’s attention had been drawn, Nar and Roland made a dash for the perimeter walls, followed shortly by HK-42. Nar scaled the wall, assaulting the guard immediately on the other side as HK-42 attempted to slice the door controls. Once open, Roland stormed inside, spewing flame through the entryway.

As Ruus suppressed the machine gun nest, the assaulting group wreaked havoc behind the walls. Meanwhile, Kodai and Sri-Lan eliminated defenders in the gun nest and surrounding walls. As the party dispatched the final guards, HK-42 placed the explosive charge on the emplacement and detonated. As the party attempted to move to evacuate, a squad of enemy reinforcements arrived. One of these was able to disable Nar, taking him down near the southeast gunnery tower.

Sri-Lan selflessly rushed into the facility as Ruus summoned the evacuation boat, calling for retrieval. After taking out another guard, Sri-Lan resuscitated Nar, helping him out to the medevac. Shortly thereafter, Kodai was badly wounded, still at his position on the ridge east of the target. As Kodai was injured, the medevac ship landed, eliminating the last few enemy soldiers from the field.

Sri-Lan rushed next to Kodai’s position. Unable to treat Kodai’s injuries on the field, Sri-Lan dragged his unconscious body to the boat, loading him aboard. With a parting shot from HK-42, the vessel took off, carrying the party to safety.

  • Each character was awarded 900 XP.
  • Sri-Lan was awarded +2 to Organization Score for his efforts in attempting to heal his comrades.



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