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  • First Mission

    Each member of the [[party]] has been recruited into a Special Operations section of the Mandalorian military. After their initial brief, they received their first assignment. [[Colonel Ordos]] informed the party that they would assault an anti-air …

  • Artillery Battery Removal

    The [[party]] received word that they had been officially designated Echo Squad, part of the 3rd Company, 1st Special Operations Battalion. With their official designation comes issuing of several pieces of specialized equipment. Prior to their …

  • Droidus Interruptus

    h6. Transmission Intercept After a brief day of rest and bacta for Echo Squad, [[Colonel Ordos]] burst into their barracks in the early hours, waking them with word of an urgent mission. "We've intercepted a Tarnith military transmission. The …

  • Fortaleza Outpost

    The outpost located to the west of Echo's Forward HQ. It is currently a target of a Mandalorian assault on the planet [[Tarnith]].

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