Vehicle Combat

Unique Starship Crews

You determine the following vehicle stats in the following ways (in order of stat block appearance):

Vehicle Initiative: The pilot’s Initiative modifier (or the Pilot skill modifier if you are trained) + vehicle’s size modifier + vehicle’s Dexterity modifier.

Perception: Character’s normal Perception modifier.

Reflex Defense: The vehicle’s Reflex Defense is equal to 10 + size modifier + armor bonus (or pilot’s heroic level) + Dexterity bonus.

Attack Rolls: Gunner’s base attack bonus + vehicle’s Intelligence modifier + miscellaneous bonuses (point blank shot, weapon focus, etc.) + 2 (if trained in Pilot and firing pilot controlled weapons from the pilot’s position).

Base Attack Bonus: The gunner’s base attack bonus.

Grapple: A vehicle’s grapple modifier is equal to its pilot’s base attack bonus + the vehicle’s Strength modifier + the vehicle’s special size modifier (Large +5, Huge +10, Gargantuan +15, Colossal +20, Colossal [frigate] +25, Colossal [cruiser] +30, Colossal [station] +35).

Skills: Use the character’s appropriate skill modifiers ( + vehicle size modifier + vehicle Dexterity modifier in the case of the Initiative and Pilot skill). If the ship’s computer is friendly or helpful towards you, you also add the ship’s Intelligence modifier as an equipment bonus to your Use Computer checks.

If it is not listed above, than it is not changed by having unique crew or is otherwise explicitly spelled out in the book.

Vehicle Combat

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